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Vic Firth Corpsmaster Multi-Tenor Stick - Ralph Hardimon

Vic Firth SRHTS Ralph Hardimon Tenor Sticks feature a full-sized shaft with an exceptionally large barrel tip. The thickness of the shaft assures a big sound and longevity. And with the oversized tip, it produces more clarity than mallets, especially with the "inner beats". In hickory.

DCI Hall of Fame member Ralph Hardimon explains, "Marching percussion arrangers have been exploring the use of sticks on tenors for several years now. The feel of the stick itself is desirable, and the sound tends to be bolder than a mallet. The great thing about this stick is that it has a feel that resembles my snare stick with a shorter length that is more comfortable for a tenor player to use."

Length: 15 15/16"
Diameter: .690"