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Blue Microphones B2 Interchangeable Bottle Capsule

The Blue B2 Figure-8 Bottle Cap is an interchangeable capsule for the Blue Bottle studio microphone. A variety of interchangeable capsules are available; each with its own frequency, tonal and pickup pattern characteristic. The B2 is a small diaphragm condenser capsule with a figure-8 polar pattern that provides accurate audio reproduction at both sides of the capsule. The B2 also features a big, warm, vintage ribbon microphone quality.


Suggested applications for this capsule include vintage saxophone, brass, guitar, or vocal sounds, jazz ensembles and horn sections, muted trumpet, flugelhorn and other low brass instruments, clarinet, overly bright or "edgy" instruments, room miking, acoustic bass, cello and other bowed string instruments and much more.

  • Class A discrete amplifier circuit with hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode
  • Mic system-allows for various capsules to be swapped "on the fly" for extreme versatility
  • Integrated capsule shockmounting
  • Hand tuned and tested
  • Custom wound output transformer
  • ?Custom Ordered Ships Directly From Warehouse May Take 7-10 Days