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JBL CSM-32 3 x 2 Stereo Public Address Mixer (Special Order Only)

The JBL® Commercial CSM-32 offers fixed I/O, pre-configured architecture, full stereo or mono operation, flexible routing and control of multiple audio sources, simple front-panel configuration and control without the need for a computer, compatibility with the CSR wall controllers, compatibility with the CSPM paging microphones, and optional duplication of audio channels to another device via a Cat5 cable.

The CSM-32 features three stereo music inputs with gain control and clip LEDs, and two stereo outputs with active crossovers and dedicated subwoofer outputs.

Two additional inputs are provided for music override. First, a mic input with phantom power and gain control allows page steering to different zones, ducking the music by a user-configurable amount. Second, a line input allows high-priority routing to all zones, which is ideal for alarms.

An additional transformer-isolated mono output is provided for connection of a music-only mono output, which is ideal for music-on-hold systems.

Dedicated controls for music EQ per zone and dedicated controls for global mic EQ allow the frequency content of each input type to be customized independently. In each output channel, LevelGuard™ is provided to retain consistent volumes between the various inputs, and AutoWarmth™ is provided to ensure full fidelity at all zone volume levels.

Zone Remote ports 1 and 2 facilitate connection of the CSR wall controllers, which can provide source selection and/or volume control in each output zone. Source select per zone, music level per zone, and mic level per zone can also be controlled on the front panel. For additional control, two logic inputs facilitate page steering and music muting via contact closure.


  • 3 stereo input
  • 1 min input
  • 1 line input for priority audio
  • 2 stereo output with dedicated subwoofer output
  • 1 mono isolated output for music-on-hold system
  • Quick and simple configuration via front/rear panel controls
  • Digital processor with analog-style control
  • Music EQ per zone
  • Global mic EQ
  • AutoWarmth and LevelGuard
  • Optioanl CSR controllers
  • Contact closure control
  • Link bus for input sharing
  • Security plate for front panel lockout