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Neotech Soft Sax Strap With Swivel Hook - Red

Product Description

The revolutionary Soft Sax® Strap actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The innovative design incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing. This combination allows the weight of your instrument to be evenly distributed over a larger area on your neck and shoulders while absorbing the shock of your movements. This is how the Soft Sax® Strap makes your instrument feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. You’ll definitely feel the difference!

Approximate Sizes: Please see the "Specifications" tab below 


  • Neoprene pad with a comfort-stretch backing
  • Available in three sizes: Regular, Junior and X-Long
  • Available in choice of four connectors: Open Hook, Swivel Hook, Plastic-coated Metal Hook, or Loop Connector
  • Made in the USA
HookAppropriate ForBreak Strength*
Swivel hook Popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security.  Strong enough to even carry a Baritone Sax. Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).