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Tama Superstar Classic 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit - Tangerine Lacquer Burst

Manufacturer #:CL50RS-TLB

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For more than forty years the Tama Superstar name has stood for groundbreaking design, superior build quality, sterling tone, and clear projection. Superstar Classic once again upholds the tradition by raising the bar for savvy drummers searching for professional quality drums at a realistic price.

100% Maple Shells

At Tama, affordability isn't a license to cut corners. There's no mystery as to the composition of the inner, unseen plies. It looks like Maple and sounds like Maple because it is Maple…and nothing but.

Durable Finishes

Whether you favor a lacquer or a wrap, the Superstar kit you choose is finished by Tama techs who apply the same attention to detail they have to the thousands of high-end professional kits that are produced in the same facility.

5-Piece and 7-Piece Configurations

Efficiency and standardization is the key to building high value drums that can be sold for a modest price. The 5-piece and 7-piece sets we offer were determined to answer the needs of most drummers.

Snare Drum

Superstar's 6.5x14 snare represents a break-though value for those in the market for an affordable Maple kit. Look closely and you'll have a hard time finding a similarly priced kit with a 6.5" snare. But that depth offers a much richer sonic body — and a voice that is no less than truly "classic."

Steel Hoops

Superstar Classic's hoops are made of 100% steel—not alloy. Their triple-flanged design, and the open, round response they produce, is one you've heard tracked by drumming legends for years.

Innovative Star-Mount System

The Star-Mount System was developed to increase the resonance of drums. This new mounting system provides support at four points on the batter side hoop of a drum. The bracket eye-bolts slide to the left and right, so it's possible to prevent the eye-bolts from touching each other even when setting up two toms close to each other.

Low Mass Lugs

Experience has led the Tama drum designers to lugs that offer superior strength in terms of standing up to the rigors of the real world, yet are light enough that they do not dampen the shell's natural liveliness.

Bass Drum Claw Hooks

Lifting a page from what we learned on our high-end drum kits, Superstar's bass drum claw hooks minimize actual contact area, to optimize shell resonance.

Legendary Tama Badge

The Superstar badge is a reminder that Tama takes its legacy seriously, even when we turn our powers of innovation toward this new modestly priced kit.

Tama Power-Craft II Heads

These are the heads most drummers will play when they first try our new Superstar kit. We wanted our achievement to shine in the sonic sense, so these Power-Craft II's were designed to let you hear immediately what makes these Superstars so super.


  1. 16"x20" Bass Drum
  2. 7"x10" Tom Tom
  3. 8"x12" Tom Tom
  4. 14"x14" Floor Tom
  5. 5"x14" Snare Drum
  6. Tom Holder MTH600